Theoretical training

In the theoretical training, we provide your staff with knowledge that is essential in the field of wind turbines.

We include turbine-specific peculiarities, and use practical examples and images to convey this knowledge to your staff.


We also offer continuing training courses in various fields:



  •     Basic course
  •     Turbine-specific training
  •     Troubleshooting
  •     Remote monitoring
  •     EuP (electrically instructed person)

Details on the various modules

Basic course: The conduct before entry and inside the wind turbine determines a good service technician. Basic knowledge of the system is taught, and special wishes of the customer are taken into consideration.

Turbine-specific training: In this section we deal with the various plant types specified by the customer. Special expertise is taught and the basic structure of the turbine is discussed.

Troubleshooting: There are several ways to track down a failure. Due to the complex construction of wind turbines, structured troubleshooting is important. Even after a failure has been located, the job is not automatically finished; the reason for the failure should also be determined. The failures identified are often only secondary failures, and their correction does not necessarily solve the original problem. In this module we deal specifically with the failure history.

Remote monitoring: Remote monitoring in particular is often a difficult-to-understand area for an employee. The technology is often severely outdated and replacement parts cannot be procured. In this training, with expert support, we offer the ability to understand the structure of data transmission. With control panels that were created specifically for this training, it is possible for us to explain and demonstrate remote monitoring to your staff, as well as to perform troubleshooting.

EuP (electrically instructed person): Anyone who wants to enter a wind power plant in Germany must be at least one electrotechnically qualified person (EuP) according to German guidelines. In this course, we teach the basics of electrical engineering and try to establish a relationship with the wind turbine.

We would be happy to develop a suitable training concept for you. Please use the Request form.