Implemented projects:

We not only work with small and medium-sized companies, but also with manufacturers who are very convinced of our work. We also want to convince you, so we would like to give you the opportunity to get your own impression of our projects and have therefore listed some of our work.


Let us convince you of our reference projects:

- 3.4MW Senvion ambulatory gearbox change

- Azerbaijan: commissioning of two V52

- Africa Democratic Republic of the Congo: Commissioning of three different plants

- V39: Replacement of a spent control unit against a newer model

- Expert review and support during inspections

- MM92 ambulant gearbox change

- MD77 generator replacement

- MD77 Powertrain changes

- MM92 gearbox change

3.4MW Senvion ambulatory gearbox change

For the manufacturer, we have provided in an ambulatory gear change personnel.

The facility was expertly prepared by us. This includes inserting a special "bridge" to catch the main shaft when the gearbox is disassembled. After changing the gearbox, the bridge was removed and the system was assembled.

As seen on the pictures, the Krantag took place in the best weather, so only this day was needed for the crane work.

Azerbaijan: commissioning of two V52

Near Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, two Vestas V52 turbines have been standing for many years. However, this wind farm with over 10 installations was never completed.

No one could tell us on site whether the only plants built in 2009 were ever on the grid and produced.

The abandoned facilities were also visited several times by thieves in the years, so that various cables, rails and other parts have been stolen.

Now that local companies have tried to rebuild the facilities as well as possible, we were called in for support.

After just 2 days per wind turbine, we were able to start both systems again in a controlled manner. Unfortunately, we then found in both transmissions significant shortcomings and shut down the equipment in consultation with the owner.

After a few weeks, the systems were started and immediately went online.

Africa: Commissioning of three different plants

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, three plants from different manufacturers were partially installed and connected. We made the connection to the local network, completed the construction and put the systems into operation. We tried to set German standards, which was already a challenge in this part of the world.

V39: Replacement of a spent control unit against a newer model

Type of plant: Vestas V39 500kW


Task: With a V39 500kW, the ground controller is completely burned down. The cause was the compensation unit, which caught fire during operation and took the rest of the cabinet.


Since we did not want to reinstall the old type of conrooter, we recommended the operator to upgrade to a newer model, which was compatible with the system. A used cupboard was quickly procured and the necessary adaptation in the gondola quickly implemented. After a few days, the system ran again and the operator is happy about the much better spare parts supply by the newer controller.

Expert review and support during inspections

For our customers, we work on various types of plant appraisals or assist in the cyclical inspections of wind turbines.


The services go from the normal "glue sticker" or repair of various facilities (lamps, contactors, motors, ...) to the repair of leaf damage or tower repairs (professional removal of mold or rust).

Project MM92 ambulant gearbox change

Plant type: Senvion MM92

Task: Ambulatory gear change with bridge.

Project MD77 generator replacement

Plant type: Senvion MD77


Task: Change of the generator.

Project MD77 powertrain changes

Plant type: Senvion MD77

Task: Changing the drive train. Turn sash hinge.

MM92 gearbox change

Plant type: MM92

Task: Change of the main gearbox.


Special feature: Since the gearbox was too big, an outdoor change had to be carried out. The rotor had to be removed and the complete drivetrain dismantled.