Customer Testimonials:

"Short ways and fast solutions. These are also the service providers of WKA Service Kühling GmbH. The collaboration was always constructive and solution-oriented, no matter where in the world."

L. Stefaniak -managing director-

We have found the company WKA Service Kühling GmbH at various focal points in the development of regenerative energy production and can confirm after direct cooperation in the field of wind energy a good and collegial project processing at eye level. Collaboration and the exchange of information between different specialist divisions was also used for successful, short-term and cost-effective problem processing.“    U. Seydlitz -owner V80 turbines-

"Heinemann Projektberatung has been working for several years in the training areas of relevant technical training ... Both in implementing the theoretical foundations and especially in teaching and developing practical training, it understands the team around Thomas Kühling, with specialist expertise and the adult education mediation safety relevant and technical education in all respects. Special mention should be made of the comprehensive expertise and its know-how in the segment of complex electrotechnical systems engineering of state-of-the-art wind turbines of various manufacturers.   S. Fleper -Head of Training and Business Development-

„The same high standards that we place on ourselves in our technical and commercial operations are also the basis for our cooperation with our partners. Quality and reliability play an essential role. Many years before the founding of WKA Service Kühling GmbH, we worked together with Mr. Kühling on this basis. We have always been able to rely on his commitments and flexibility.“      Manuel Lasse  -managing director-