WKA Service Kühling GmbH in the portrait

In the summer of 2004, today's CEO Mr. Thomas Kühling started his career in the wind industry. As a first point of contact, he chose the world's leading manufacturer of wind turbine power plants to service and repair wind turbines in Europe.

When he got the offer in the autumn of 2010 to start as a technical manager at an independent service company, he did not hesitate long and dared to take this step. In the following two years he did so well that he was appointed Managing Director in 2012. Under his leadership, another offshorelastic company was founded, which dealt specifically with oil change.

In the year 2015, a small detour in another independent company involved with the project management and, as the authorized officer, also led the servicing subsidiary. In the same year, he finished this detour and founded WKA Service Kühling, which was later converted into WKA Service Kühling GmbH.

"Since then, our company has been growing with the tasks and challenges posed, which can be reflected in the rapidly increasing number of customers! We are responding to the requirements and needs of the customers and solving them with conviction and fun at work.

We will rotate and benefit to you, "says owner Thomas Kühling.